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Beware the Chipmunk  
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Garage Door
Welcome to the Garage. This is the store house for miscellanious stuff. Think of it kinda as a 'Whose Line is it Anyway' show themed LotR. In otherwords, SEND ME IDEAS AND STUFF. Do not try to steal anything, for it is well protected (sorta) by the garage's other inhabitant. There you have it. I have taken in Bill the Pony because no one else will. This poor guy has like no fan sites. Gotta love him though, he's just so cool. Anywho... Where was I? Oh, yes. Stuff, and garage... Feel free to poke around folks! Here's the stuff:

Stuff : A small shoebox rests on an uppershelf, covered in dust. You reach up and pull it down. Dusting it off, you open it and inside you find a small bundle of papers. A pink slip, ownership papers, and other such items...

Theoretically : Lost under ages of dirt, mouse nests, and crumpled paper, sits a binder. Unmarked on the outside, it's as plain as anything. Yet, you open it and inside you discover papers that have been scribbled on and scratched at, written and erased. You have found the theories of a lost world. Will you understand them?

Did you ever : Tacked up to a bulletin board, under newspaper clippings, shopping lists, building instructions, and phone numbers, you discover this list, simply entitled, "Did You Ever?" You pull it off and begin to read...

Slogans : Lining a box of valuable breakables under a pile of boxes, you find several old magazines and newspapers. Flipping through you see some old adds and soon get the slogans and catch-phrases stuck in your head!

Middle Earth Alphabet : Lost under painting tarps and layers of junk sits a desk. An old fashioned one, like they had in the old schoolhouses, with the flip-top. Pulling all the stuff off, you open the creaking lid, revealing an ancient primer in excellent condition.

LotR Game-type Things: Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble. All great games. Yet, after cleaning the game shelf in the garage, you discover several tiny boxes with the word game clearly printed on them. Opening them, you discover a whole new level of fun.

Names: Spelling lists in another school box reveal a side of certain people unseen by some.

The Trunk: Locked with brass clasps and hinged in the same metal, you discover a large trunk. After prying the clasps open, the lid falls off. Inside you are confronted with pair upon pair of pants!

Aremo: What is this? Here is a pile of magazine clippings in a folder...they're all of the same person...