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I love Bill
What? I do love Bill! He's uber cool, and you cannot deny it! I kinda don't have much here, so send me reasons why you love Bill!

We love Bill because:

Out of all the Fellowship, he's the only one who doesn't complain about anything.

He is tolerant enough to put up with Gimli riding him on Caradhras.

He carries stuff for those wimpy fellowship guys.

He made it as far as he could.

He has more personality than this ever so popular 'Figwit' character.

He's just so dang cute!

He's a pony.

Those big ol' pony eyes.

Dude, he's Bill. Need I say more?

You love Bill? GOOD! He deserves it. Now prove your true fanship and post this somewhere!
(No icky sites, though, please?)