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Did you ever...
Tacked up to a bulletin board, under newspaper clippings, shopping lists, building instructions, and phone numbers, you discover this list, simply entitled, "Did You Ever?" You pull it off and begin to read...

(WARNING: Obscure and obtuse logic used here. Those with seriously logical minds might want to bash their skulls on something very hard before reading, or their heads will hurt more from attempting to comprehend the bull...)

Did you ever...
Notice that in the opening to FotR Sauron looks pregnant? *shudder*

Stop to think that this is all Elrond's fault?

Wonder if Legolas met Peter Pan?

Wonder where the HECK was Frodo going after Moria?

Wonder why Frodo put out the fire with his feet instead a bit of the abundant dirt?

Try and figure out what was up with the ferret at the Prancing Pony?

Think about how much easier it all would have been if they had duct tape?

Wonder what Legolas would do if he ever met the Keebler 'Elves'?

Wish you could kick Saruman in the shins?

Notice that some of the hobbits and elves have five o'clock shadows?

Did you ever wonder why Frodo pretends to die after being stabbed by the cave troll? ~Larien~

...happen to notice that I don't have anymore just yet?