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Beware the Chipmunk  
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Postal doors
Yeah, yeah, I know I'm cheap, getting you folks to do the work for me. Well, get over it. Follow the rules and go forth and caption better man!


1. No swearing...AT ALL...
--Alternatives are allowed, such as dern, darn, etc.
--And NO, you smart-apes out there, the word swear is not affected by this rule!

2. No sexual stuff people, keep it PG...
--PG I TELL YOU! Minor inuendoes may be allowed depending on the content/situation.

3. Make it funny.
--Well, duh. Give humor a whirl.

4. Put your name, screen name or whatever with it.
--If I don't get a name, it might not get it up. So, don't blame me.

5. Mail to:
--Again, duh, no, I take that back...doi.