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What is this page? Well, it is something I thought necessary. An explanation page. It explains my views and opinions on LotR and some stuff that is not LotR but has to do with this site.. That way if you suddenly wonder something about why I did this or that, you can check it out here. If it isn't here, e-mail me.

Middle earth alias:

Actual name:

Favorite LotR book:
The Hobbit

Favorite Movie:
I count them all as one movie with really long intermissions as temporary reprieve to build up your bladder's stamina for the next installation.

Favorite Characters:
Sam (What? He's cool! In a devoted hobbitish servant kinda way. Besides, he gets his girl!)
Boromir (What can I say? I have a soft spot for self-centered arrogant jerks...and at least he's a valiant jerk.)

Favorite Character of which to make fun:
Legolas, no contest. Why? He's a deadly fruitcake that prances around in tights kickin orc butt. I ask you this: Why not? With all the images I have on this site of him, one may wonder if I like him as much as Sam or Boromir, but no. It's just because there are so many girls out there obsessed with the friggin pretty boys, they skip over the cool guys. *sigh* And he's a poaching pansy in the game! ARGH!

Favorite Line:
Movie: Shall I describe it for you? Or would you like me to find you a box? -Legolas, Helm's Deep
Book: "By all the signs, Captain Shagrat, I'd say there's a warrior loose, Elf most likely, with an elf-sword anyway, and an axe as well maybe; and he's loose in your bounds, too, and you've never spotted him. Very funny indeed!" Gorbag spat. Sam smiled grimly at this description of himself.

Favorite Cast Member:
I can't say I have one...although Sean Bean was in a James Bond flick...*ponderously scratches chin*

Most irritated about LotR by:
The fact that those hobbits are so blasted skinny! Come on! Inclinde to be fat in the stomach were the exact words of the book! Sean Astin as Sam is the best casting job of the four.
That Frodo wasn't allowed to fight. WHY NOT?!?!

Simple observation of fan sites:
The two most popular character specific sites are definately Legolas and Frodo. That goes with the actors playing said roles also.
In almost every stinkin picture of Boromir, his mouth is slightly agape giving him a vague, dazed, even STUPID look.
Slash sites are sick and wrong, and downright...well...sick and wrong. *shudder*

That's all there is, there isn't anymore. For now. Doom.