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Beware the Chipmunk  
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You are where?
I'm not exactly sure, but if you check this out you can figure out where you ought to be.

Stage Doors
Things you can act out, I guess.

Postal Doors
If you want to send something, say a caption, you'll see the rules here. (Possibly what you sent too)

Tent Flaps
If you know the song Camp Grenada by Alan Sherman, this'll be a treat. If not, you can get a kick out of it anyway. Thanks Daddy.

Bedroom Door
Before you get any creepy ideas, remember that this is a family site, and I keep it all clean. Think of this more like a kid's room filled with posters and such and yeah. This is where the Are You Obsessed? List is now stationed.

Closet  Door
The old updates. Honestly, I haven't the faintest as to why they're up, I'm weird okay?

Garage Door
I'll give you a couple guesses. No, it's not a new used car. No it's not a lawn mower. And for the last time, NO. You can't ride the Oliphaunt. It's the garage. Like it used to be.

Weird Door
Oi Vay.

High-tech Door
Links. Dude.