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Here we have a collection of Middle Earth slogans and catch phrases that my friends and I randomly listed and 'researched' after seeing Two Towers...and yes, they are alphabetized.

The pause that refreshes. (Death of a Wizard)
--The pause that refreshes. (Coca-cola)--

When you care to send the very best. (Elven Archers from Rivendell)
--When you care to send the very best. (Hallmark)--

The antidote for civilization. (Evil)
--The antidote for civilization. (Club Med)--

If you want to keep your head, get a helm. (Helmets)
--If you want to get ahead, get a hat. (Hat Council)--

Everybody's invited. (Helm's Deep)
--Everybody's invited. (Samsung)--

They take a lickin' but keep on kickin'! (Hobbits)
--They take a licking and keep on ticking. (Timex)--

Think small. (Hobbits)
--Think small. (Volkswagen)--

Hobbits: The other white meat. (Hobbits)
--Pork: The other white meat. (Pork)--

Everything you need. (Lembas)
--Everything you need. (Ericsson)--

Khazad Brew: Dwarvish for ale. (Khazad Brew)
--Fosters: Austrailian for beer. (Fosters beer)--

It's mead time. (Mead)
--It's Miller time. (Miller)--

This mead's for you. (Mead)
--This Bud's for you. (Budweiser)--

Got mead? (Mead)
--Got milk? (Milk)--

Where's the mead? (Mead)
--Where's the beef? (Wendy's)--

Ask for more! (Miruvor, Official Drink of Rivendell!)
--Ask for more! (Pepsi)--

Fight in your world, die in ours. (Mordor)
--Live in your world, play in ours. (Playstation)--

The ultimate stomping machine. (Oliphaunt)
--The ultimate driving machine. (BMW)--

Orc: It's what's for dinner. (Orc)
--Beef: It's what's for dinner. (Beef)--

Breakfast of champions. (Orc)
--Breakfast of champions. (Wheaties)--

Connecting people! (Palantir)
--Connecting people. (Nike)--

Just do it! (The Quest)
--Just do it! (Nike)--

The appliance of science. (Saruman's Explosives and Demolishing Service)
--The appliance of science. (Zanussi)--

The eye never sleeps. (Sauron)
--The Citi never sleeps. (Citi bank)--

Do you fear me now? Good! (Sauron)
--Can you hear me now? Good! (Verizon Wireless)--

Hand cultivated by goblins. (Uruk-Hai)
--Hand-built by robots. (Fiat Strada)--

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