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Beware the Chipmunk  
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Stage doors
Through these doors is a huge auditorium. Next to you is a shelf with some books and a pile of clippings. They are:

In Saruman's tower.
--A conversation while Gandalf is visiting.

Let's Make A Fellowship! I - II - III - IV
--in four volumes, a parody of the council.

The Chicken!
--it's a small teaser for the council, incomplete, but unedited from what really happened...supposedly.

--A *ahem* discussion betwixt Aragorn and Legolas on the way.

DnD Rules at the Gate of Moria
--Exactly what the title says. (Dungeons and Dragons)

--a transcript of a day-dream after someone had watched way too many Saturday Morning Cartoons before going to the set.

The Great and Wonderful Death Scene
--a pathetic attempt at combining two of the greatest things to come from the UK.

Faramir of Lauxly
--it looks like someone is an Errol Flyn fan.

Legolas's Bow
--part of the gift giving in Lorien that you didn't see in the movies.

--the morning toilet after the ring really messed with Frodo's head.

Hello figure it out.

Legolas in the Fellowship
--several scenes wisely exculded from the final film.