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Beware the Chipmunk  
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<The movie begins and goes on until Boromir is a pincushion...>

Aragorn: *walks on scene* Oh botheration. They're all dead already! *pauses and sees Boromir* Oh no!

Boromir: *lying inert* . . .

Aragorn: No! Boromir! You're dead! *tearing up* You shall not have died in vain-

Boromir: *slight breathing* ...actually, I'm not dead...

Aragorn: Then you shall not have been mortally wounded in-

Boromir: I think I'm getting better...

Legolas: *meandering in the background* Bring out your dead...bring out your dead...

Aragorn: You're not fooling anyone, you'll be stone cold in a moment.

Boromir: I don't want to die!

Aragorn: Oh do shut up and let me have my moment!

Boromir: I think I'll go for a walk!

Legolas: *still meandering* Give 'im a moment. He'll be dead in a minute.

Boromir: I feel happy! I feel happy!

Aragorn: We don't have a moment! We have to get the bloody hobbits! Hoy! Legolas! Do me a favor, 'ere?

Legolas: Right! *thwack* Ninepence.

Boromir: *dies*

Aragorn: You shall not have died in vain...the white city will not fall.

<The movie continues...>