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August 22, 2005
Random Quote: I feel like Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Mid-life Crisis! (Roger, The Stepford Wives)
Yo! Thought you might like to reap the benefits of my Guestbook. A lovely young patron of the site sent me a large amount of unquoteables. Dernitall, I have a bunch too, but I cannot seem to locate them. Check back soon, I'll probably get them a reasonable amount of time. I hope. But school starts soon.

August 9, 2005
Random Quote: Desperation tends to make one sort of...flexible. (McGyver, McGyver)
No new anythings, I don't believe, but I now have all of the captions up on a Yahoo Photo site. Hopefully using this will make any new captions I add a lot less of a hassle. There are 25 caps to a Movie page and Game and Cast are each in one respective page. Have fun, this is the first time that all of them have been up in a long, long time. If you do or do not like the new set up, just tell me.

August 6, 2005
Random Quote: Our evil plan is working... (Riley, National Treasure)
Un-Quotes is one of my favorite sections. It's also one of the fastest-growing. It now has it's own door. The Prestigous Door indicates it's being decorated with the images of people of high repute. Now, not only does it have it's own door, it has ten new un-quotes. WOOT. Oh, and some new (though technically still old) captions are (back) up. Hopefully it won't crash.  And to bait you--I'm working on a new specially thing, taking off running from the whole Legolas is a Batman fan gag in that one Oi Vay. Just so you know.

July 07, 2005
Random Quote: Albequrque. See? I can do it too. Snorkel. (Riley, National Treasure.)
Guess what, I updated, it's not huge, but it is one nonetheless. And apparantly a lot of you still want Boromir to cry. Well, isn't that just sweet of you? Since he's been so emotionally traumatized, Bori is taking a break. Smaug will be filling in with him. Oh well, I have a Bori Action Doll now, after waiting since the first movie came out. FINALLY! BOROMIR IS MINE! BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, for those who signed the guestbook, there's a new Oi Vay. The rest of you are allowed to look at it anyway. Bah. Oh, in the Weird Door there is a poll. Please vote. PLEASE?!

June 26, 2005
Random Quote: CURSE YOU RUNCIBLE SPOON! (Neilen, Dominic Deegan)
New Oi Vay, Unquoteable...and I'm sure there is something else I'm missing. Ah yes! TRY THE GUESTBOOK NOW! Don't make Bori cry! Oh...and I cleaned out the links. They all work and stuff. And I added a new one. And other piddly things.

June 14, 2005
Random Quote: Oh chipmunk! Chipmunk! If you don't move, you're going to die! (Candypants, a friend of mine.)
Hey kids! Updated again, check out the stage door. And seriously folks, please please please sign the guestbook. Make comments on the site, no ideas or additions though. You e-mail those to me because they always seemed to get cut off. Enjoy!

May 31, 2005:
Random Quote: You win some, and then there's toaster eggs... (unknown)
DUDE! I TOTALLY UPDATED! For the first time in eons. Ah well, school has freed me for my first real summer job. I'm in my apartment and stuff...So bleh. A couple questions kids: Should I even ponder making t-shirts? What part of the site do you wish me to work on? And is it actually worth me updating anymore? Get back to me at my e-mail. I'll check it. I promise. Anywho--updates, updates. Greatly inspired by a message in my guestbook, I decided that I had to update. Life has been manic what with school and a move and getting my own apartment and stuff like that, so I'm looking at updating a couple times over the summer...before I get lost behind the school firewall again.  Sigh. Oh shoot--I keep forgetting! UPDATES, the thing you're here for! A good number of new obsession listies...and an Oi Vay I'm proud of.

February, 28, 2005.
Random Quote: DIE CHICKEN, SO I MIGHT FEAST UPON YOUR CRISPY FRIED SOUL! (Me, what can I say, I was hungry.)
Well, this isn't really an update. I was unable to do such this trip home, but hopefully I shall be able to work on the site at school and have it ready to update next trip home. We shall see. Meanwhile, enjoy what I have here.

December 30, 2004
Random Quote: I would have liked to have seen Montana. (Borodin, Hunt for Red October)
Back again! ...sorta. Well, whatever. More unquotables, I'm on a kick, ya? What else, what else...So yeah, back at school behind the firewall, therefore unable to update! So sorry folks. Just like many of you, however, I have been eagerly awaiting this month. Why? SUPER UBER SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITIONS OF ROTK! WEEHOO! Oh--something y'all might be able to appreciate--my friend Sally, a fellow LotR fan, gave me a CD for my birthday (11-30, I'm nineteen. An old fart, I know.) that was cool. A CD, right? No, not a soundtrack--105 pictures of Boromir. My boyo. Ah, love love love him. Anywho, already seen the shiney new RotK and it rocks, woot woot, virtual shout out to my buddy for sharing. King Pawn, you know who you be. I don't know what else new is up, but I'll keep trying.
(Note: I now own all three SEE for myself as well...but I'm still missing out on that Boromir action figure.)

August 16, 2004
Random Quote: It's no use! Everybody gets good enemies except me! (Calvin, C & H)
Hey folkses! To celebrate my good mood (good because I'm surviving well and the freaking guestbook is actually working and has people who have signed it...) I am posting some (dun dun dun) NEW captions! As well as some old ones! To keep things moving with said captions, I'm going to have a new caption page where I update the captions more often than the rest of the site, possibly. It' s clever idea that will allow me to update from school too. Sigh, stupid firewalls. Oh well. Anywho I'll be posting old ones too, when I get around to it. PATIENCE. I'm not made of time, you know...and technically, if one is what one eats--I'm the physical embodiment of sodium. Mmmm Soy sauce.
Oh, and on the new news type page I'll also drop hints or excuses for future updates.

August 9, 2004
Random Quote: AA! Not a sea cow, not a sea cow! (Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible)
La de da, added stuff in the unquotables...oh, please, please, PLEASE, try the guest book again--I think I might have it running properly...No more death threats, either, okay? Thanks. More later.

July 27, 2004
Random Quote: Oh great, it looks like I sat on a leprachaun. (Tino, The Weekenders)
Back again, sorry it's been so long. I'm just throwing out some new captions, or, old ones, at least, until I g the whole lot put up. So yeah. I'll hopefully get some good stuff up. SEND ME STUFF AND COMMENTS!

July 16, 2004
Random Quote: My advice? Don't eat fiber bigger than your head. (Commercial)
Hey kids, whole slew of new 'unquotes' if ya'll even recall as to what they may be. If not, wah. Figure it the heck out. Oh, yeah, Aremo is up and running once more as well!

July 10, 2004
Random Quote: Reality continues to ruin my life. (Calvin)
Welcome back to BTC which has regained it's status as a site of captions! Albeit there are only a few pages of old captions up, but hey, bear with me folks. Oh, yeah, if you folks can't figure out how to work Grenada, there are now instructions. Have fun and Ben, dear, I'm not going to die. You don't want me to anyway.

July 09, 2004
Random Quote: I like to say 'quark'! Quark, quark, quark, quark. (Hobbes)
I messed with the guestbook, and that's about, well, yeah...all of it. Hey folks, don't be expecting these so often in the future, I'm just working on bringing everything back, and of course, my next big project is the captions, fear not children. Expect their return before the end of the month. In the mean time, tell me. What room should they go in? (In other words, I ran out of ideas for page names. Make one up, you win, you get respect and joy on my part.)

July 06, 2004
Random Quote: You were a steak knife. (Nicole Hanyon)
Happy Birthday to Reece, a friend of mine who is on her last year of teenhood and will likely never see this...but anyway...I got the link page up and running.

Second update on July 05, 2004
Random Quote: Shall I describe it for you, or would you like me to find you a box? (Gee, I wonder.)
Weehoo says I! The site has returned! Unexpectedly it is updated for testing and then again for almost completion all in one day! Weehoo, enjoy folks. There's a bit of new stuff, plus a new organization, so have at thee, enjoy. I'll keep working on it.

July 05, 2004
Random Quote: Ford, you're turning into a penguin. Stoppit. (Hitchhiker's Guide)
Okay folks, let's see...I've got the guestbook emptied and back. I'm working on re-naming all the areas of the site to confuse you. I will have a caption contest up when I have found my cache of pictures somewhere on my computer...there's gotta be something else. Oh yeah. WHAT'RE YOU DOING HERE?!?! THIS ISN'T OPEN TO THE PUBLIC YET! ...well, whatever, I needed an easy way to check on the updates I've been working on, so kudos to you for finding my 'back door'. Keep checking back if you want to, but don't expect much...except a new Oi Vay! First time in...a long time!
Oh, there's also anew thingy up! Have at thee, it is another doodad in honour of my, well, dad. Doomy, eh? So, stop just reading this stoopud update and find it!